Healthy Aging

Takes Teamwork, Join Us

Healthy aging takes teamwork.

Our doctors, health care providers, researchers and scholars are focused on supporting older adults throughout the state and the nation. We are relentlessly dedicated to finding ways to help older adults retain their mobility, independence, memory, and overall health. And as a statewide leader in geriatric medicine, we train health care providers and future doctors in the art and science of caring for older adults.

To reach more people, we need your help. Philanthropic support plays an important role in supportingUW memory assessment clinics, training the next generation of geriatricians, and creating endowments that will support the research and scholarly work of our team. Your gift helps ensure that the medical care of older adults continues to be met—both now, and in the future.

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Geriatrics care at University Hospital is ranked in the top 1%


U.S. News and World Reports


When you take charge of your health then you start to think about what you eat,” said Dr. Eastman, who recommended, “eating a colorful diet and Skittles don’t count.”


She agrees with the advice of author Michael Pollan to, “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.


Attendees of a 2017 fall public lecture event by the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center learn about the role of exercise in healthy aging (file photo).